Date and Time Stamp

We are trying to find the easiest way to setup a date time stamp field, that is, either when creating a new record or triggered by filling in one of the others cells in a new record. that time/date stamp field is populated with the current date and time and it would be static, that is, would not update to tomorrows date if it is accidentally clicked again.

What is the easiest way to do this?

We are looking for a way to auto-populate the date field for our Interactions table. Our sales team needs to take notes of every call and each manual step that gets in the way is one more block to completing the data entry. Is there some non-zapier way of doing this? Forms? Default input values for formulas? We’d like the sales rep to be able to change a date after the fact if they are logging calls from prior days.

@Bill_Sewell, @syd_Levy - I think you should be able to use the “created time” field type for both of these scenarios. It is automatically created when a record is created and is static:

If you use a form to populate your table it doesn’t even appear as a field in the form (no need as it is autopopulating).


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is that in the regular field drop down list?

Yes, although it isn’t available as an option in the primary field of the table, just the other fields.


Thank you - makes sense. I appreciate the help.