Date-Based IF Statement


I have a project management base with a series of dates for different stages of the production process. I want to have a series of corresponding “Function” fields that would flip to “Past Due” when a deadline passes. I am very new to Airtable and have had difficulty with writing date-based formulas.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Shayan_Saalabi, welcome to the community!

You can use a formula like the one below for this. Note that I used Deadline as the field name (you’ll see it referenced within curly brackets) so you’ll need to adjust that based on the name of your date field.

   "Past Due"

Here’s an outline of the formula logic:

  • If the {Deadline} field has a date entered
  • And that date is after the current date/time (signified by the NOW() function)
  • Then show the message “Past Due”
  • Otherwise, showing nothing

Hope that helps! I’d also recommend browsing through our formula resources here in our support center.

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