Date-based notifications?


I have an Employee Directory Base. My employees have professional licenses that have expiration dates. Is there a way to have it notify myself and/or the employee when the expiration date is coming up?


I would make a new view “Licenses Expiring Soon” with a filter Expiration Date > “Is Within” > “The Next Month” or however soon you want to be notified.

Then use a Zapier integration “Get notifications about new Airtable records in a view via email”


Hi Rebecca

Natively, in airtable, you could create a filtered view which would contain people due (say in the next month) those who’d expiration dates are approaching.

A better alternative would be to use Zapier or Integromat to alert you on the relevant day. I would use Integromat for this particular requirement because it’s able to query an Airtable base such that you could have the process run once a day and look for records with, say, today’s date as a reminder date - this is simpler that having to set a specific filtered Airtable view to filter records for Zapier.

Hope this helps!