Date Calculations

Hi There,
I have a date field (name = Contract Start) with a simple dd/mm/yy.

In a new field (name= Order Date), I would like a formula to create a date that is six weeks prior to the date in the ‘Contract Start’ field.

I have tried this: DATEADD(Contract Start,-6,‘week’), but not working. When building the formula, the system offers the {Contract Start}, which I have also tried, and also did not work.

I’m hoping that someone is able to correct my error.

Many Thanks


Yes, that formula will work, but you’re missing the {brackets} around your field name. Also, be sure that your quotation marks are straight quotes instead of curly quotes. The Airtable formula engine doesn’t recognize curly quotes.

Hi Scott, many thanks. Yep, it was the quotes. This is the one that worked as you advised:

DATEADD({Contract Start},-6,“week”)

In formating I removed the time field and worked perfectly with the new date.

Thanks again Scott!


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