Date check - how to filter dates?

Dear ones, I need help. I’m using a filter on another system that searches the result based on a certain date.
If I inform the filter as follows. Date = “2021-06-25”, The expectation is that I would return all the rows that appear on this date, however filtering this way I have no return.
If I use the Date filter >=“2021-06-25”. it works, but it brings me back not only the lines corresponding to that date but all the other dates ahead.
What is the right way to filter an exact date in the airtable?

What is the “other system” that you are using?

Note that internally Airtable stores dates in ISO format with both the date and a time of midnight, which is a longer string than just the date.

You could trying adding a formula that converts the date field into a string without the extra time information using the DATESTR() function.

You could also adjust your other system to look for the entire ISO string that Airtable used. (You can see this string by creating a formula field that forces the date into a stri without formatting, such as {date field} & ""

Anything other suggestions would require knowing more about your system.

@kuovonne has the same question that I asked in the second thread that you made on this topic. Please don’t post about a topic more than once.

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