Date Column - 'Filter' by "this week' - is it possible?


Does anyone know of a way to ‘Filter’ a ‘Date’ column by something similar to “this week”?

Basically, I’m just trying to create a Grid View that shows - via a Filter - all enquiries that have been received ‘this week’ (which is from Monday through to Sunday of the week I’m looking/accessing the View in).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Yes, it’s possible, although not as straightforward as you would hope. You need to create a new formula field to determine if your date field is within your week. Below, I used my date field, dt. This formula uses a Sunday to Saturday week, but you can play with the arguments to WEEKDAY to change that to Monday start.


Then you filter on this formula field being “Yes”. Good luck!

Thanks so much for this. I have entered the formula and it does work as described but admittedly it’s frying my brain as to how I actually get this to work for a Monday to Sunday work week :flushed:

Hi Stephen. You need to change the WEEKDAY functions to have an extra argument, 'Monday'.

Like so…


Do that in all WEEKDAY functions. Let me know if it does what you want. Cheers!

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Wouldn’t this formula also work? :thinking:

IF(DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD(date, -1, ‘days’), ‘w’)= DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD(TODAY(), -1, ‘days’), ‘w’), “this week”)

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Much appreciated. I’ll take a look now.

Thanks for your input on this. Hopefully, this chat will help a lot of people out there that just need to do this one simple thing. Much appreciated.

So just a further enquiry to this, as I’m a major novice to formulas (but a fast learner), I’m trying to understand how this works; would it still consider “this week” as being Monday to Sunday, regardless of what day I looked at the View?

So for example if I view on a Tuesday it should only bring back those tasks that have occurred on Monday and Tuesday, whereas if I looked at this View on a Sunday it would bring back all those tasks that have appeared on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I must be doing something wrong as it’s rejecting the formula with:

IF(AND(IS_AFTER({Enquiry Date/Time},DATEADD(TODAY(),-1*(WEEKDAY(TODAY(),‘Monday’)+1),‘day’)),IS_BEFORE({Enquiry Date/Time},DATEADD(TODAY(),7-WEEKDAY(TODAY(),‘Monday’),‘day’))),‘Yes’,'No’)

My formula would bring in everything for the current week, no matter what day of the week it currently is or what day of the week the record has.

Make sure all of your single quotes are ' (straight) and not ’.

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Airtable takes Sunday as the 1ste week day. By deducting 1 day of every day, Sunday becomes Saterday in the same week and Monday becomes Sunay in the same week. I’m using this a lot for my (European) clients where the week starts on Monday and end on Sunday.

DATEADD(date, -1, ‘days’), ‘w’)

So if your date is on Sunday, Monday, … or Saturday, it all will fall in the same week.

Give it a test run and if it works for you, you can choose which formula works best for you.

@Stephen Another way to approach this is by comparing the week numbers of the relevant dates using the WEEKNUM() function, which also supports the same “Monday” week-start override. Try this formula:

AND(WEEKNUM(NOW(), "Monday") = WEEKNUM({Enquiry Date/Time}, "Monday"), {Enquiry Date/Time} <= TODAY())

That will output a 1 for any task with a date that’s both on/before today and also in the same calendar week as today. It appears to meet the criteria that you outlined above:

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 7.21.21 AM

Tomorrow the record dated 8/4 will output a 1, and so on until Sunday. Once Monday hits, that marks the start of a new calendar week, so only next Monday’s tasks will show.

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Yes, it worked with straight quotes… I have no idea how I even managed to do the other quotes…

Thank you. Very helpful explanation.

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Thanks Justin. There’s now some great solutions in this post. Much appreciated.

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