Date + Days = Future Date

Hi, all. I have a table that has a “Planting Date” for a vegetable field. This record is linked to another table that contains the number of growing days (ex: 90 days). I’d like to use a formula that would take the planting date plus the number of growing days (90) and give me an anticipated harvest date. What’s the right formula?

By the way, each week has a different “grow days” associated with it so hard coding 90 days into the formula won’t work.



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  1. Create a {Growing Days} rollup field (not a lookup field) to get the number of {growing days} from the linked record. If there is only one linked record, you can use any of the mathy rollup formulas, such as SUM(values).
  2. Use the DATEADD() function to add the number of days in the {Growing Days} rollup.
DATEADD({Planting Date}, {Growing Days}, 'days')

This assumes that your {Growing Days} field is a number of days. If this doesn’t work, please share screen captures of your setup so we can see what else might be going on in your base.

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Thank you. I believe a screenshot will help. I am attempting to get a harvest date by adding the DTH (days to harvest) to the planting date.

It looks like your DTH is a linked record field. You need to have a rollup field that is based on the linked record field.

It also looks like you store numbers in single line text fields, as in the {Act Acres} field. Make sure the field where you are storing the DTH is a number field. (Because that field is in another table I cannot see it’s field type in this screen capture.)

It is important to have the correct field types or the formulas will not work.

Thank you. Your advice worked perfectly.

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