Date field support for Web Clipper Block

I am loving the web clipper block. Saves me a lot of time with updating my base, but has a few limitations, ie., Date Field, Linked Record Field. Would be good to have this in the clipper even if it is a manual entry. Would you know of a workaround to set that up or a timeline if this is in the works?


Just had the same idea popping up - if you are making a reading list for example, it would be nifty to add a date to look back at your records and be able to visualize them in time.


When using Airtable for task management, I always need to set a follow-up date. It would be great to be able to manually select from the web clipper.

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Iā€™m using the web clipper block to record press coverage and also need the date field to be supported. Please add this feature soon! The web clipper is a great addition to Airtable ā€“ thank you for adding it.

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Agree. The date field would be very useful and will half my effort required to update the record.

+1 for adding this feature