Date format in a Google Docs automation

Hi everybody!

Google Docs automation works for me, but lacks some flexibility. For example, I generate meeting notes digest and would like to add a Date when document was generated in a Title of the document. There is a token TIME which allows inserting complete time, but I have no idea how to format it or truncate unneeded time part. Any ideas how to workaround this?


This should work if you create a formula field in your Airtable table using the DATETIME_FORMAT function, and then insert that formula field into your document.

You can learn more about DATETIME_FORMAT here:

@ScottWorld , it seems I have found a solution. Before creating a document I added another step Find Records which searches through Metting records and finds today’s record, then I take a formatted Date from that record. So currently my automation consists of two searches:
Anyway, thanks for your suggestion.


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