Date Format in - Day dd-mmm-yyy (Monday 5-Oct-2020)

Hi everyone, I need create date format as below
(Monday 5-Oct-2020) in excel we easy to to use ddd dd-mmm-yyyy. I can’t find any preset date format as my request format, anybody can show me how to create date format with day.


You can find the documentation for Airtable date formatting here

In your case, it would be:

'dddd D-MMM-YYYY'


Hi Julian,

Where to paste date format? ‘dddd D-MMM-YYYY’ under the formula?

Say that you have your current date that you’d like to format in a column called “Original Date”. Create a new column, “Formatted Date” (or whatever you’d like to call it), and use this formula:

DATETIME_FORMAT({Original Date},'dddd D-MMM-YYYY')

Currently, there isn’t a way to make a custom format in a column that has Airtable’s “Date” field type- there, you’re limited to a dropdown of a couple options when you create the field type. In any column where you’re using a formula, however, you can use this.

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