Date format MM/YY only

Is it possible to only have a month and year in the date field. Ex: 07/2021.

One step further, a range of only MM/YYYY-MM/YYYY. Ex: 07/2020-06/2021

Yes, you can use DATETIME_FORMAT for this: DATETIME_FORMAT({Date Field},'MM/YYYY')
Just replace {Date Field} with your field. You’ll still need a date field to select a date initially, then the formula will automatically format it to only include Month/Year in a 2nd field.

You could also create a range by creating 3 formula fields: {Start Date} and {End Date} using the DATETIME_FORMAT formula above, then a 3rd formula that combines the newly formatted dates into a string with a dash in between:
{Start Date} & "-" & {End Date}

Here’s the full list of formatting options for DATETIME_FORMAT, which may be useful to some people: Supported format specifiers for DATETIME_FORMAT – Airtable Support


Thanks Nick. I got the first two formulas to work but when I try the third which is DATETIME_FORMAT({Project Start Date} & “-” & {Project End Date}) the outcome is this “2009-09-20T00:00:00+00:00”. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @amymo, sorry I just saw your reply.

If you’re still struggling with this, you don’t need DATETIME_FORMAT on the final formula, where you combine the 2 dates. That formula is creating a simple text string, where it combines the text of the the other 2 fields, with “-” in between. So the final result is no longer a date, and using DATETIME_FORMAT on it won’t work. We only need to use it to format the first 2 parts.

It’s possible to simplify this all into a single equation if I knew how the End Date of the range was calculated. But as a simple example, if you had 2 Date selection fields for {Start} and {End}, you could combine it all into:

Hope that helps.

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Brilliant!! It worked. Thank you so much!!

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