Date Formatted Field inputting BLANKS in Automation

I’ve read the community for how to get the harder-to-read date cleaned up for automation with emails that include that field. I made a new column that formats the date/time to MM/DD/YYY and it populates fine in the table. However, the emails show nothing of that date and just has the space blank in the email.



Here’s the formula I have to set the date format:


Any suggestions?

Hello Hello!

Could you do me a quick favor and retest your full automation flow starting from the trigger and take a look at the output?

I mirrored your formula and automation and didn’t have any issues with the value being populated into the email.

Generally, I find that retesting the trigger in automation resolves a lot of strange behaviors.

Let me know if it still leads to an empty value in the email preview and we’ll troubleshoot it!


I had done that a couple times, but I must not have tested from the very start after the last update to the formatting of the date.

Thank you!

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