Date is showing incorrectly in formula if time is not included

I’m experiencing a strange issue when I use a date in a formula (yes, I’m using timezones). If I include the time field in the date, then it displays correctly in the formula, but if I do not include time, then the formula displays the date minus 1.
I do not want time because this is an invoice date.

Date time_no time

Could you please share the formula you are using in the {Invoice} field?

When you have a date field without a time, the time is automatically midnight, GTM. When you format it in your formula field, don’t set the timezone.

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The data have changed, but the problem is still the same
CONCATENATE("#",{Invoice #}," - “,DATETIME_FORMAT(SET_TIMEZONE(Date,‘America/Indiana/Indianapolis’),‘M/D/Y’),”, ",Donor)

Ah, thanks. That was the solution. Appreciate the help.

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