Date of Birth / Age Error

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I hope everyone is keeping well given the current pandemic.

I have recently started to use Airtable Sync and since then, noticed a couple of my formulas are now showing up with #ERROR (see pics attached).

My database is a paid plan, but is syncing to a free database. The DOB is being synced to the new page, but the age is not.

I would love some help on how to get the age to show again! Thank you so so much!

@Abby_Malesytcki has noted the same issue, and I just checked and am seeing similar errors for DATETIME_DIFF() functions.

@Jason, @Kasra
Your DATETIME_DIFF() function is broken :confused:

Hey @Jacqui_Birchall and @Jeremy_Oglesby,

Thanks for letting us know! We were just finding this out as well. Would you like me to create a support ticket about this for you?


…not really; just kinda would like to see it fixed. If it will help your workflow, then go for it.

No problem, I’ll update here once we’ve confirmed a fix.


It fails for me when I use Today() as the first parameter, but not if I use that as the second parameter. As a temporary workaround, switch the location of Today() and Birthday in both phrases in the formula, then put a minus sign in front at the very beginning. Here’s what the successful formula will look like:
-DATETIME_DIFF(Birthday, TODAY(), ‘years’) & ‘years, ’ & MOD(DATETIME_DIFF(Birthday, TODAY(), ‘months’),12) & ’ months’

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Hi everyone, this bug should be fixed now. You may need to refresh your screen (or restart your app if you’re using our desktop version) to see the changes.

So sorry for the issue!


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