Date of specific multiple select change

I have been using the functionality of recording a date the last time a specific field in a specific record has been modified, but unfortunately this only works when the field hasbeen modified manually. I am interested of keeping track of times when a multiselect field registers a specific choice.
Here is my problem - I use Kanban to change the status of a product through the stages of production. When the record gets moved onto the welding stack, I would like to have a column that shows that time without having to enter it manually so that I will have a record of the date that it entered or exited each of the stages.
What I thought to do was create a column with an if statement which inquires if the multiselect is currently in welding, and then I hoped that I could use the functionality of record changed by a specific field, but it turns out that that can only be done when changed manually and not through a function.
Has anyone encountered/solved or have a work around for me?
Preferably within airtable…
Thanks a million!

Unfortunately there aren’t any Airtable-native features that will do what you want. Formulas and last-modified fields are always live, meaning that they can’t be set up to lock in a value and never change it. To pull off what you want will require integration with a third party tool like Zapier or Integromat to add timestamps to specific fields based on your status changes.

That was my impression - thanks for the reply!

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