Date plus x days


Hello everyone, I have been looking for hours but can’t find the solution. (maybe it’s my knowledge of English…)

I often use checklists for clients and am looking for a way to start using airtable.

The task dates are depending on the “date exam” or “date (today)” So all the fields in column B are the exam date plus 7 or 14 or 31 et cetera.

The purpose is to have to just fill in the “date exam” or “date (today)” and all dates in column B will be filled.

Does anyone know how to do this or can give me an example?


Excel allows you to have two tables in the same spreadsheet. Airtable does not include the concept of a spreadsheet as it is used in Excel. The concept of a table is the same, though. So use multiple tables in Airtable, and use linking fields to reference data from one for use in the other.


Thank you Thomas, I am starting to get it.


Hi Dean,
For me, it seems you have to create 3 tables. Tasks, Employees and .hhmmm… COmpanyes… or projects… It is not clear from what you show… but whatever you call each of your spreadsheets.
Start with the task and employees, take it from there.
Airtable will show it’s power once you start giving access to your employees to mark the status of their tasks done and collaborate, all using the same online info.


Thank you Pierre! I will give it a try.