Date Search Formula Not Working

I am attempting to get all of the entries between two different dates. One date is the creation date of an entry and the other is today’s date. After doing a little bit of searching I figured it would be something like

filterByFormula=AND(IS_AFTER({Start Date},IS_BEFORE(NOW()))

But when I try using this via the API and filterByFormula it says invalid formula. I am not sure where it’s going wrong as I am super new to all of this and was hoping someone would have an idea or two.

I also tried to include the date after the is_after and is_before but it came back as invalid.

AND(IS_AFTER({Start Date}, {{INSERTDATE}}), IS_BEFORE({Start Date}, {{now}})

Oh and I should specify the Start Date in the formula is being pulled directly from the API response with the creation date in it.

Short update but I was able to get the formula to be considered a valid one so it would not return an error by removin the AND but now it is pulling all the values in the table. Which is definetly not the idea lol

Anyone have any suggestions?

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