Date show in iso in email preview despite DATETIME_FORMAT

Hi evreyone.
I’ve created an automation to send an email recap for appointments.
I have a date and time field that is formatted with DATETIME_FORMAT and that shows up correctly in grid view.
yet, when I insert this field in an email, the preview shows me an Iso formatting…
I’ve looked around but haven’t found an answer.
I’ve tried creating a second field that formats again but it doesn’t show anything in email despite showing up correct info in grid view…

here are some snapshots :

how date is displayed in grid view

the field I inserted when creating the email

what the preview shows

thanks in advance if you have a tip !

Could you have inserted the original date time field instead of the formula field?

Hi @kuovonne !
the field “date cours 4” is a formula field with DATETIME_FORMAT to format it… and if I do a second field that references the “date cours 4” field and use DATETIME_FORMAT, it shows a blank line in email preview… I guess I’m doing something wrong but I can’t figure out what :smiley:

Try retesting the trigger for your automation, and then re-insert the formula field value.

@Tanguy_Auffret-Post1 Were you able to get this working?

Hi @Justin_Barrett
I just got the chance to check back the base with my friend and it now works. I just had to redo the test for the trigger ! so @kuovonne had the right answer.
thanks again !