Date Stamp When Status is set to "Done"


I am wondering how to create a formula that will set a date when a specific field is set to “Done” is this possible?

Something like IF{Order Status}=“Done”, TODAY()

This formula doesn’t work because I have no idea how to format it correctly.

Any help would be appreciated!


Hi @Matt_Petersen,

What you are looking for is for the field to be updated with the date of the day when the ‘Order Status’ field is updated, so a formula wouldn’t help you achieve that. I don’t believe there is a feature to cover that functionality so I would recommend creating a new request in the ‘product suggestions’ part of the forum.


My work around is usually to do this in reverse:

Have a date field where you mark the “Order Completion Date” and a formula field to act as the {Status} field: IF({Order Completion Date},"Done","In Progress")


Haven’t tested this, just writing from the top of my head but what if you have the field of status with your dropdown of done and another field with completed date and have that be a formula when a done is selected get datetime now


That’s similar to what @Matt_Petersen was originally thinking. The problem is that both TODAY() and NOW() will continually update. The dates they produce won’t lock in based on the first time they’re set by the formula. Every time the table is updated, so will the date.

It might be possible to use Zapier or Integromat to do the date-setting, with a normal date field updated by the integration service when it sees the status change. However, it wouldn’t be an instant update depending on how frequently the service checks for changes. If that’s not a problem, then consider going that route. Otherwise I believe that what @Kamille_Parks suggested is probably the best alternative available for now.


Yes you’re quite right @Justin_Barret, Kamille’s way is the best way.