Date String: Number of Days as numeric value

I was wondering if someone was able to help me out.

I am looking use a formula to calculate the amount of days until an item has to be renewed. What I would like is that when it’s nested within an IF statement it is calculated as a VALUE rather than a STRING.

The reason for the IF statement is that when the Expiry Date is empty, no value will show in the “Days Remaining” Field.

Here is the formula:
IF({Passport (Expiry)}=BLANK(),’’, DATETIME_DIFF({Passport (Expiry)},TODAY(),‘days’))

I’m likely missing something really obvious in this regard.

Here’s one way to solve it:

{Passport (Expiry)}!="",
DATETIME_DIFF({Passport (Expiry)},TODAY(),'days')
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@ScottWorld This worked perfectly. Thanks so much.

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