Date_time format not returning correct date

My goal is to have a DOB field concatenate with a name and calculated age field. Currently the concatenate works fine with CONCATENATE(Child_First,", “,Gender,”, ",Age) = Rohnan, Boy, 10M

When I add DOB field I get Rohnan, Boy, 10M, 2020-12-15T00:00:00.000Z
How do I get rid of the T00:00:00.000Z at the end?

When I use the Date_time format I get gibberish. CONCATENATE(Child_First,", “,Gender,”, “,Age,”, ",DATETIME_FORMAT(DOB,‘dd-mmm-yyyy’)) =
Rohnan Boy 10M Tu-000-yyyy
What I want to see is: Rohnan Boy 10M 15-Dec-2020

The format specifiers are case sensitive. Try the format specifier D-MMM-YYYY.

OMG, that did it thank you very much.

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