DATE_TIME Format when importing CSV

I am a complete newbie. I was so pleased when I got by base looking and working exactly as I wanted.
I started the base with a csv import from my website which shows the date as June 7 2020 as a single line text. I changed it to the friendly date 7 June 2020 and completely forgot about it. I carried on and created order renewal dates etc and was very pleased with the results.

I then updated the table with another CSV from my website orders. It added the orders perfectly but has now knocked everything out of may date field and calendar completely.

The problem, I am assuming is with the slight difference in the datetime format, I can’t undo the import and can’t change the date format to match. Please HELP!!!

Hi @Andy_Bowring,

What I did in a similar situation is copy the date field into an excel file, change the format to Month / Day / Year, copy and paste it back in the Airtable date field, this should fix the issue :slight_smile:

Many thanks I’ll give it a try I take it I still need the DATE_TIME format in airtable and suggestions as to the format would be appreciated.



@Andy_Bowring Was the suggestion from @Mohamed_Swellam useful for you? If so, please mark his comment as the solution to your question. This helps others who may be searching with similar questions. Thanks!

If you still need help, please let us know!

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