Date & Time stamp in Notes field

Is there a way to automatically add a date and time stamp when I type something in the notes? For example [date] [time] called xyz and left message… [date][time] emailed abc about xyz…

Welcome to the community, Mike! :smiley: Unfortunately Airtable’s text fields don’t support placeholders like that. If these notes are just a single note per record (i.e. each record captures info about a single event, including notes), you might consider adding a field that’s the Created Time type, which will automatically fill with the date and time that the record is made.

If, however, you’re using a notes field to capture several notes that are added at different times, then I’m afraid you’ll have to add those date and time stamps manually. However, there’s also the option of using a tool like TextExpander, where you type a pre-made key combination that inserts whatever you want. I just made a snippet that can insert the current date and time whenever I type “::dt”, like this: 07/24/2019 - 02:25 PM