Date / Time sync from Airtable to Google Cal

Having issues with time entry from Airtable base, changing when syncing to my Google Calendar. I’ve tried several different approaches for the sync (Sharing Airtable Calendar View, Zapier and Automation: sending an event). Each approach properly syncs the day, but the time from my Airtable base table is always 5 hours off from the synced event in my Google Calendar. Example: 7PM in my Airtable base table, synced to 2PM on my Google Calendar. This 5 hour difference leads me to believe it’s a time zone setting. I’m American/Chicago time zone.

Airtable Date Column Settings: Date Format: Friendly; Time Format: 12 hour; I’ve turned on “Use the same time zone (GMT) for all collaborators”

Any suggestions what setting I’ve overlooked?

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