Date without time?

I’m creating an agenda or to-do base. With respect to dates and times, there are three options for any record:

  1. No date/time
  2. A date without a time
  3. A date with a time (e.g. a doctor’s appointment)

I’ve created a date field and configured it to show the time as well, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to enter a date WITHOUT a time (#2 above). And when I enter a date, it automatically enters the current time, even if the date entered is in the future. That makes no sense.

It has occurred to me that I could define TWO fields for the grid: one called (say) ‘Date’ that shows just a date and a second called (say) ‘Date-Time’ that shows both. I gather I could leave BOTH fields empty for option #1 above. But it seems a bit nuts to have to do this. Besides, I’d like to be able to sort records by date and then time and can’t see how to do this if some dates are in one field and other dates are in another field.

Feel sure I’m missing something. Be grateful if someone can throw me a clue.



  • Set a 3rd field for the Final Date, so if there is DateTime, you set that, if not, set the Date with 0:00 as the time.
  • Use just the DateTime field and enter 0:00 manually :smile_cat:

Of course you need to consolidate the date, and both ways are valid.