DATEADD + 45 days

I have a DATE column and would like to display date+45 days in another column. How to do that? I believe it has something with dateadd but don’t know how to use it properly

Hi @Michal_Kuczma,
You are correct, this can be done with DATEADD(). The syntax looks like this:

DATEADD( {DATE}, 45, 'days')

Also make sure the formatting is consistent on both fields. Hope that helps!

but how to incorporate column name with date field here?

Replace {DATE} in this formula with your own date field.

not working

DATEADD( {{column-name}DATE}, 45, ‘days’)

DATEADD( {column-name}, 45, ‘days’)

DATEADD( {column-name}, 45, ‘days’) - invalid formula. Could you first try if its actually working?:wink:

The formatting of the apostrophes might have gotten messed up here. Try copying this: 'days' (instead of ‘days’)

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OK its working now;) Thanks a ton

I try to customize the output to get only date without time in the format D/M/YYYY

DATEADD( {column-name}, 45, ‘days’, ‘D/M/YYYY’) does not seem to work properly

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