Dateadd formula isn't working correctly

Hi everyone! I’m using the Dateadd formula to add a certain number of days to a starting date to calculate a new date. For some reason, I have to include an additional day (32 instead of 31) to get the result to display ‘correctly’. Is there something I need to change in my starting date?Capture

When formulas with dates are off by a day it is almost always a time zone issue.

Check the formatting to see how the “use same time zone” toggle is set for both the formula field and the original date field.

If both fields show a time, you usually want to have both fields not use GMT time, but show local time.

If the original field is a date only field (no time), you usually want the formula field to use the “same time zone (GMT)”.

Argh . . . it worked!!! Airtable is so quirky like that - ugh. Thank you!!!

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