DATEADD formula issue


I have 2 tables … both have the same fields for calculating the expected return time for a rental, based on the OUT AT date/time and a DURATION field. A third field ESTIMATED RETURN is a formula field for calculating the return time.

The formula is: DATEADD({OUT AT}, RIGHT(DURATION,4),‘minutes’)

The DURATION field is ‘1 H-0060’ as example for one hour duration, and works perfectly in Table 1.

But Table 2 does not. Everything is exactly the same, including the formula and field types for ‘OUT AT’ which is a DATE field with the Include Time option turned on. DURATION is a single select.

Table 2 calculates the value but is off by the number of timezones to GMT. I am baffled unless this is a bug. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, or if there is a better way to calculate the return time. Thanks.


Are both {OUT AT}s set the same as regards their use of GMT for all collaborators? If so, you might try toggling that variable on and back off (or off and back on, depending), as there have been reports of that value sometimes being ‘stuck.’

Are both of these calculations truly independent calculations, or does one access a value from the other table via a lookup or rollup?

If nothing else works, you might try wrapping each formula with

        [Your Formula Here],
        [Your Timezone Here]
    [Your Format Specifier Here]

You can find acceptable values for timezones and format specifiers in the support pages.

Let me know if any of these help.