DATEADD formula - using date plus # days add

This feels really basic, but I don’t know what I am missing and new at the formula editing.

The issue I am having. I am working off one date (Purchase Contract date) and trying to add a number of days (Home Inspection Contingency) to the contract date, to find (Home Inspection Due) due date.

It is working for all number of day options eg: 5 days, 7, 14 etc, except when NONE is selected or when the selection is left blank.

In either of these cases it still populates the date as a purchase contract date. Ideally in Home Inspection Due it would populate NONE.

Is this possible?

My formula is:
DATEADD({Purchase Contract Date}, {Home Inspection Contingency},‘days’)

below. #1 and #2 are wrong, #3 is correct

I don’t think you want {Home Inspection Due} to actually populate with the word “none”, as this would turn the entire field from the “date” type to a “string” (or plain text), meaning you wouldn’t be able to use it in a calendar view or perform additional calculations with it without some extra work.

As an alternative, you can have the field appear blank by adjusting your formula accordingly:

    AND({Home Inspection Contingency}, {Home Inspection Contingency} != "NONE"), 
    DATEADD({Purchase Contract Date}, {Home Inspection Contingency}, 'days'), 

Thanks so much Kamille, this is perfect and works how I had hoped.

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