DATEADD returning the added field date instead of the result

Struggling with DATEADD formula, trying to get an hours bank result from:
Date of purchase and days left to use.
for some reason, I keep getting the first date I entered- The date of purchase.
Appreciate the advice.

Hi @Osnat_Melnikov

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Please paste the formula you are using here with a screenshot of both fields so we can help you.

To be clear, if you are trying to get the difference between 2 fields you can use the DATETIME_DIFF

Hi, thanks for your welcome!
I’m looking to add the date of purchase and days of use to set the ending date of the package

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Your field for {days of use} is a lookup field. (Sorry, but I cannot read your field name in its original language.) Convert that field to a rollup field instead. Use a rollup formula like SUM(values).

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