DATETIME_DIFF not working

Driving me crazy … why doesn’t this work? PROMOEND is a date field.


Make sure that your quotes are straight quotes instead of curly quotes. Airtable’s formula engine doesn’t recognize anything except for straight quotes.

Hmm, well aren’t these straight quotes … symbol under double quote on my keyboard.


@J_Allen, the difference is that those curly quotes are rich-text, while the straight ones are plain-text.

Big pain in the bottom, but avoided by copy/pasting from a plain-text editor like notepad. If you put it in microsoft word or something like that, the straight quotes get converted to those curly quotes.

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Thanks Kris. So I used my Mac vs iPad (the Airtable app) and though the same exact key on the keyboard was used, that worked. Perhaps a nuanced difference in iOS Safari > vs. macOS > Airtable app … but one would expect it would have worked.

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