Datetime_format linked field error

Hi! I’m trying to convert a datetime entry from a linked field to a string as follows:


Where ‘Datum’ is a linked datetime field in another table in the same base.

This goes well for e.g. ‘22 september 13:00’ but I get an error for the datetime ‘1 oktober 16:00’ (this is a datetime localized to the Netherlands - but a datetime nonetheless). The error in the field reads ‘#ERROR!’, so there’s no red warning when filling out the formula.

When I try and use the exact same formula in the original table (i.e. de table that ‘Datum’ lives in), I don’t get that same error.

Anyone knows how to fix this issue?

What I mean by a ‘linked field’ is that the column ‘Datum’ in the first table is ‘Linked to another record’ in a second table. The column that Datum is linked to in that second table is a ‘datetime’ column; i.e. a column that contains datetime entries.

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