Datetime_Format Not Working for Time

I have a formula that is taking a Start Date Field with value 9/10/2022 2:30pm GMT

I am trying to get the time of the event in 24 hour format using DATETIME_FORMAT({Start Date},“HH:MM”)

The result is coming up 21 minutes short and giving me 14:09 vs. 14:30.

Makes no sense.

You need to use lowercase m’s.

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Now it makes sense that I see it. It was putting in the month, but driving me nuts.

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You’re welcome! This is your reference page:

I have a similar issue, but mine is displaying a different hours altogether.
The timestamp in my “Submitted at” field I have is 8/3/2022 17:23 …
Should return 17, yes?

I’m getting 22.

Formula is as follows:

DATETIME_FORMAT({Submitted at},'H')

Nevermind - figured it out… Had to adjust for CDT vs GMT.