Datetime_Parse working only for some records

I am trying to convert a string column to a date. I’ve used DATETIME_PARSE(Date)
The formula works for some records, but half of them return an ERROR.
All of the dates were pasted from the same document, so they are not different in any way.
I tried to put in the date manually (which I would like to avoid since I have over 450 records), but it doesn’t fix the problem.

What am I doing wrong?

In your DATETIME_PARSE() function, you need to include the second parameter that indicates the format of your date/time text string. If you don’t include that second string, Airtable assumes that your date has the month, then day, then year. But your dates have the day before the month. You also have times in a 24 hour clock instead of am/pm.

See the formula field reference for DATETIME_PARSE() and the format specifier for more info.

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