Dating site/app

I would like to create a dating site/app by matching men and women with common interests.
I have tried searching for forms on your site but have not found anything.
How can I create it? Or do you know any developer or marketer who can help me?

Hi @frenkbit
There are many applications that work with Airtable that allow you to build a user application or a mobile application. You may want to look into Glide Apps. Glide Apps also has a list of professionals that can build the app for you.

Thank you for your reply.
I appreciate your suggestions. Glide is a good solution but the actual problem isn’t the layout. I’m facing how I can match people with common interests. It seems that Glide isn’t very flexible.
Anyway I’ll try to find some professionals that can help me.

In Airtable there are a few solutions for doing this.
One way would be to have a table of People (name, contact), A Table of Interest. In the People table add a Link to Record field and link it to Interests table. This VERY rudimentary approach will show you all the people with the same interest.

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