Day of the Week Field Type


Is there an option to have a day of the week field type? For example, Monday, Tuesday etc. I did not see this option under the Date field type. Thus far, I’m using Single select and manually inputting all 7 days of the week. This works, although it would be ideal if there was some way to link a day and date column somehow.



You’ll want to use DATETIME_FORMAT() with a format specifier of ‘dddd’, as so:


That will return the full day of the week. Using ‘ddd’ as the specifier will return ‘Sun’, ‘Mon’, and so on; using ‘dd’ will return a two-character DOW: ‘Su’, ‘Mo’, and the like.

DATETIME_FORMAT is an extremely fun-filled formula, capable of a vast array of date/time formatting, conversion, and calculations. The full list of valid specifiers can be found here.



To clarify, use the Formula field type, NOT Date. Also where @W_Vann_Hall wrote “MyDate”, replace with your chosen date column name.


I also noticed that if you’re referencing a date field with the time included, you might need to also enable the “use same timezone” option. If you don’t, and you use the time field, it might use the day for another timezone (I’m guessing GMT).