DD.MM.YYYY predefined format required


How can I format date column as DD.MM.YYYY
It does not include in pre-defined formats.
As example predefined format for 1st of February 1985 is; 1.2.1985
What I want is; 01.02.1985

I agree with this suggestion. As someone writing a 20,000-30,000-record database of historical events, I would find the visual alignment entailed in all dates requiring 8 digits a major improvement.

Right now, as my eye runs down the date column, it is too distracted by the “hokey-pokey” effect of dates snaking in and out as D and M switch to DD and MM. I would like to be able to spot more quickly when something as important as the year changes.

I should clarify: I, too, am working in European format (DDMMYYYY).

Hi @Cagatay_Altunsoy,

While we don’t have this specific format as part of the date field, you can use a formula to transform how an entered date appears. To start, make sure your date field is formatted as European format.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 1.06.32 PM

Then, add a formula field to your table. In the formula field, enter this function:

This formula will check to see if there’s a value in the date field, and if there is, it will format it like you described. When you use this in your own table, make sure to replace {Date} with the actual name of your date field.

Here’s a short GIF showing that functionality. Hope this helps!

Screen Recording 2020-05-15 at 01.05 PM

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