Debugging custom blocks locally

Is there a way at present to debug a custom block on my local while building it?

It would be great if I can such debug error like these with better and more helpful build time error messages.


@Kasra any leads/direction :smiley: ?

Hm… usually the error messages are a little more helpful than that!

Two questions:

  • What browser are you testing in?
  • What do you see if you open the browser’s developer console then reload your block? Is there a helpful error message in there?

Generally you can use the browser developer tools to help debug blocks as you would other web apps. For example, if open the browser tools and write debugger; in your block’s code, that will act as a breakpoint.


Was going to chime in with the same, I’ve found console.logging my way through different parts to be extremely helpful and work the same as any other web app if helpful! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Shaun_Van_Weelden! I figured out that I ended up importing a react component that was using css from a file. Since the blocks design system is css in JS styles. It ended up breaking the build. I am more getting more comfortable with blocks by building more.

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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