Decimal and Integer limits


How can I set the limits of a numerical field, say between minimum 0 and 100, and perhaps to popup reminder of the allowed range to users.



Number fields don’t currently offer any kind of range limits. In terms of reminding users of any limits you wish to maintain, you could put a formula field next to the numeric field that throws up a hard-to-miss emoji if the value is out of range:

IF(OR({Field Name} < 0, {Field Name} > 100), "❌ 0-100 ONLY")

And by the way, this won’t work in a Form view, if that’s what you’re thinking. The only option there is to include instruction text with the field and hope the users pay attention. You could still add one of these “warning” fields when setting up the table in a Grid view, but it would only be visible in that grid view (or any other non-form view).

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