Decimal comma for numbers still missing


After months since first requests for support of a decimal comma (3,14 instead of 3.14) have appeared here nothing has changed in Airtable. That’s a pity. Instead we’ve got a new field type and a new design.

A new field type is nice - but it does not make Airtable more usable to many, many potential users in Europe. I won’t be able to entice anyone of my customers to use Airtable as long as their clerks and office workers cannot use their native number format. Even simple applications cannot be moved from Excel to Airtable without regional input and output formats. I cannot imagine how much revenue will not be generated due to this lack of basic international functionality. It’s so basic, even, that the iPad/iPhone versions of Airtable have it - but the online and desktop versions are lacking it (at least for the decimal comma).

Please, Airtable team, provide all the basic formatting options relevant in most parts of the world outside the US. You’ve created a great tool - but all its cool features are facing a basic constraint: internationalization. It’s not just techies and nerds and geeks using your product. Or at least it shouldn’t :wink:


are there any news on this item? I’m perplexed that Airtable is still so US centric that international date and number formats aren’t available to us.


Me too. Especially because it should be easy to handle with modern programming languages/platforms which support different locale out of the box.

Missing support for international formats has driven me to move away from Airtable. I’m unable to recommend it to my customers in Germany.


Let me just add that I - too - am wondering about Decimal numbers, as I need to be able to write them the way we write them in my country and language… I would be thrilled to know any update on this particular issue.


Localisation is needed: dates, times, currencies, numbers. It’s all defined in the system and should be available to Airbase, shouldn’t it? It can be worked around, but still useful.


Yes, comma for decimals is very needed. Thanks


I found a work-around. Specify the format to be currency. Leave the currency symbol blank. Specify your decimal places and you can display large numbers properly.