Dedupe App - It won't recognize a duplicate between Daniel and Dan and other similar names. What am I doing wrong?

Dedupe seems like a good product, but I must be doing something wrong. I have a TON of duplicates in my table. First name is Dan/Daniel, Greg/Gregory, Joe/Joeseph, Rob/Robert, etc… Last names are identical and so is all of the other information. Dedupe isn’t recognizing ANY of them. Am I doing something wrong in the settings? Or what am I supposed to do to help recognize these duplicates

You’ve already asked that question here:

Those are not duplicates, which is why Airtable isn’t recognizing them as duplicates.

One record that is Daniel Nelson and another record that is Dan Nelson are not considered duplicates? Or Rob Brown and Robbie Brown? I’m confused what constitutes a duplicate.

“Rob Brown” is a duplicate of “Rob Brown”. By definition “Robbie” is not the same as “Rob”. Now, the Dedupe App does have an option for ‘fuzzy matching’ which may pick up the same text with extra spaces, simple misspellings or typos (i.e. it may pick up “Rob Brown” = “Rob Brwn”). But the app isn’t going to recognize nicknames no matter how common they are.


OK, I get it. It picks up mis spellings but two identical records of Company, email, title, cell phone number, etc except one with Rob Brown and the other with Robert Brown or Dan and Daniel Brown it is skipping. Frustrating, but I understand. Looking for something that might help with that! I tried selecting all of those fields as a test, but it still didn’t register. I tried Exact, Similar and Fuzzy and none of them worked. Arghhhhh

You don’t have to force it to match on people’s names. If you have identical email, company, title, and cell phone, then just have it match on those fields! Or even just a few of those fields! Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the documentation here:

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