Dedupe. Why does it say MERGE and delete when it only deletes?

I’m so confused using the Dedupe block. It doesn’t MERGE anything. It just keeps the primary record.
Let’s say I have a table with Name, Email, Phone, Address, and Transactions.

I select find dups records as Name and Email,

2 Records appear.

  1. has the phone and transactions.
  2. has the address

How do I merge the address into record 1
or the phone and transactions into record 2.

So I only have one records the with Name, Email, Phone, Address, and Transactions.

What am I overlooking?

You need to manually select how you want the fields to be merged. The Dedupe block will not automatically pick the versions that have data in them for you.

In your case, you would select record 1 as your “primary record” since it has most of the information that you want. Then, for record 2, manually select the {Address} field, so that it turns green. When the preview of the merged record looks correct, click “merge and delete.”

For more info, see the support article for the Dedupe block.

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Thanks Kuovonne, I expected that was the case—that did not appear to be working. Nothing turned green. I just had to refresh the screen—and it worked. Thanks so much.

Hi @Cathy_Anderson

Perhaps you can mark @kuovonne’s post as the solution, so that it can help other members. :grinning:

Thank you,
Mary Kay

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