Default Number not Displaying


When creating a field with a default number, the default displays when new records are added within the table. But, when creating a new record from a linked record, the number field is left blank, rather than displaying a default.

This is having significant impact on the functionality of my base.


The same bug effects the creation of records in the #ios app. In the desktop/browser app, table view, I have a number field that is set to a default:

I want that to auto-populate with the default for my field technicians who will be entering “Cylinder Sets” and “Cylinders” into the table via their mobile devices, in order to streamline their input work as much as possible. However, if I create a new “Cylinder Set” via the #ios app, that field does not auto-populate with my default that I set in the desktop/browser app:

I don’t know if the same is true of the #android app or not (I have no #android devices to test on) - can anybody confirm?

This behavior is unexpected, and represents what I consider to be an incongruence between apps and, in the case of linked records as stated by the OP, an incongruence between methods of creating a new record.