Default Numbers not Showing


I have a linked table with several number fields set to show default values. These fields are part of calculations for pricing on projects and I need the numbers to populate properly. When I create a new record within the table, the numbers show up fine. But when I create a new record from a linked record, the numbers are all blank.

Am I missing something, or is this a bug?



There are definitely some weird bugs like this. I’ve noticed also that number fields with defaults set in them don’t auto-populate the default value when a record is created from the iOS app - they are just blank.

This isn’t expected behavior and will cause problems for users who are expecting default values to fill no matter them method used to create the record, so it’s definitely worthy of a #bugs report. If you make a bug report, I’ll be sure to add my voice on it as well.

Jeremy Oglesby


Bug report created.

Thanks, Jeremy!