Delay Filtering When Editing


It would be great if Airtable could hold off applying filters until I have exited the record or row I am editing. Right now if I need to edit a column of values that trigger a filter, I have to edit the values one at a time, slowly, because every time I set the value the record disappears from under me before I can do any other editing on the record or drag/fill other records.


When you edit a record and your edits cause the record to be filtered, the record will go into a popped-out state. When a record is popped out, it should be possible to edit other values in the record. The popped-out record will disappear only when you select another record. If you’re having trouble editing other values in the same record after it’s filtered, that may be a bug; email to follow up.

As you’ve noticed, it’s currently not possible to use the fill handle from a popped-out record. For that scenario we recommend temporarily removing the filters from the view, or switching to an unfiltered view.


I agree completely! This is single-handedly stopping our organization from using Airtable more; people have added rows, only to have the whole row disappear on them if they accidentally click instead of Tab across the row. I’m trying to convert them to use the Form view but it’s hard for some people to remember to switch views.


Hi Matt,
The “popped-out” record state is not working consistently for me. It often only shows half the record and it covers up other information on the table and we are unable to use drag and drop handles etc. A much better solution IMHO would be to simply change the border highlight, but leave the record in place. It’s very frustrating situation that constantly happens. Temporarily disabling filters is a painful work around since there is no “disable” mode for filters – we have to delete and recreate them.


Is there a solution yet?
I filtered the records with wrong status(single selection column) and I want to change those multiple rows to other status at the same time. I can’t do it because there is no small drop down square when I change the status.