Delete all records from Airtable at once

I have a requirement to delete all records from my Airtable base. Currently the documentation says I can delete only upto 10 records from a single request.

Is it possible to delete all records at a time (Instead of sending multiple URL’s with 10 records id’s each)?

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It sounds like you are using the REST API. If you are using only the REST API, yes, you must do it 10 records at a time.

However, if you use scripting, it is possible to delete up to 50 records in a single call, and delete all records in a base in a single script. A script can delete thousands of records in a few seconds.

Here are some options:

  • Have your code call a webhook automation that runs a scripting action that deletes the records. This requires the proper webhook setup, and webhook automations are currently in alpha. Depending on the number of records you need to delete, you may also run into other limits.
  • Use the user interface to duplicate the base without copying the records. The result will be a brand new base with no records. This requires human intervention and the new base will have a new base id, so it may not work for your use case.
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