Delete Created Views


If i created several views, how can I delete one? For example, If I create a view by mistake.

If I creted a view, the other person which I share it to edit it should have an Airtable account?

if I created a puntual view, the other person do the job, and after that I delete it (i dont know yet if I could delete it), the work that he or she have done will dissappeared?

thank you for your hel

The view menu button is the last one on the view toolbar. It has ellipsis (three dots) on its icon. In that menu, you’ll see a “Delete view” option:

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 9.38.03 PM

Yes. All collaborators will need their own Airtable account to edit anything in your bases.

What is a “puntual view”?

A view is simply a unique way of looking at data in a table. Deleting a view does nothing to the table data.

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