Delete multiple fields at once?


If I select multiple fields (columns) and cmd-click one of them, it narrows the selection to that one field. If I select multiple fields and go to the dropdown for one, it narrows the selection to that one field. How do I delete multiple fields at once rather than having to go through them one by one? This seems like incredibly basic spreadsheet functionality and I’m puzzled that I can’t find it.



I think you can’t. Maybe you could ask for it in the Feature Request category.



Surely this is available? Like Rose says it’s basic spreadsheet functionality!!



I tried doing this with adjacent columns in chrome on Windows using Shift+click, and it actually froze my browser for 30 seconds consistently… Also when it came unfrozen, it didn’t actually multi-select.



There are lots of basic spreadsheet functions not available in Airtable because it’s not a spreadsheet. It’s a database. The two share some similar features, and look extremely similar in a grid view, but there are important core differences between them in how data is stored, managed, looked up, etc. Yes, it would be nice to be able to delete multiple fields at once, but I wouldn’t consider it a must-have feature.