Deleting Irrelevant Fields


I was wondering if there was a specific way to delete irrelevant fields during database construction? I have been putting together a database and as time progressed it has become important to remove some fields. I have hidden the fields and removed all data but the spreadsheet does not let me remove them.

Also is there a way to change the names of existing fields?


Right-click is your friend:


If it was that simple I would not have emailed…


You need to have “creator” permissions to create or delete fields in a base. It looks like your permission level in that base is edit-only.

Here’s more info on permissions:


Thank you I’ll take that up with our “creator”. I appreciate the quick
response! Have a nice rest of your day.


Oops! Sorry; I read “database construction” to imply these were fields you had added but no longer desired. Sorry!