Deleting records across linked tables


Is there a way such that when we delete a record in one table, for example, a product, where it would delete the same record linked in other tables


What do you mean with this? If you delete a Record, and it is linked in other tables Linked Record fields, it will disappear too (because it no longer exists). If you are talking about those Linked Records that are linked to the product (Customer for example), you could do something with Zapier:


I agree with Elias…

In case you are feeling a bit geeky check out the API…it can also help you out.


Unfortunately, Zapier cannot delete Airtable records (and there isn’t a trigger on deletion of a record either).

However, it can be done with Integromat (more powerful tool like Zapier) - albeit not as the parent record is deleted. You can run an Integromat “Scenario” as often as once a minute so there’s not much delay.

Here are the two steps in the Scenario:

1. Find Records with Blank Link Fields:

2. Delete the records found:

The great thing here is that it will process multiple records at one (you can specify how many) - the single find step may find 50 orphaned records and these would all be deleted.

The only issue is that designing Integromat Scenarios with Airtable is a little bug ridden at the moment (once they are designed it all works though). Airtable and Integromat need to put their heads together and sort this out.



I have a "Customer/Invoice /Product Line/Products database.

When I deleted the Invoice, the associated Line Items were not deleted.

So I tried your suggestion, and it worked like a charm!

Thanks man, I really appreciate your sharing of your knowledge.



You’re welcome@RocketMan!